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Welcome to the official Continuing Legal Education website for the State of Nevada.

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Recent Updates

NEWS ALERT: Notice Of Amendment to SCR 210

Effective March 20, 2014, the Nevada Supreme Court amended Supreme Court Rule 210 regarding mandatory CLE per ADKT 478. Beginning 2014, (the first cycle) the order makes it mandatory for all active Nevada attorneys to take a minimum of one (1) CLE hours once every three years on substance abuse, addictive disorders and or mental health issue. During that year, the remaining requirement will be nine (9) general credits and two (2) ethics credits. The remaining two years of the three-year cycle, attorneys shall complete 10 hours of general credits and 2 hours of ethics.

Those attorneys who completed the substance abuse credit during 2013 have satisfied the substance abuse requirement for 2014.

REMINDER: Credits are due by December 31st of this year.

If you haven't completed your CLE credits by December 31, you can request an extension of time. Please put your request in writing, along with a $50 extension fee and send to our office. We will give you until March 1 to complete your requirement.

Hightlights of recent changes to the Supreme Court Rules 205 - 215 are listed below:

  • Under SCR 210 the carryforward of general credits have been increased from 15 credits to 20 credits. 
  • Under SCR 215 (new rule) attorneys must report to the Board any change of address. Failure to change address with the Board may result in a fine of $150.00.

    The following changes can be found under SCR 212:

  • The Board will enforce the March 1 deadline for signed compliance reports and fees by postmark date.
  • Members who fail to file their compliance report and/or pay fees by the March 1 deadline will be subject to a late fee of $100.00. The Notice of Noncompliance will not be sent by certified mail but by 1st class mail.
  • Members served a Notice of Noncompliance will have until May 1 to cure the deficiencies as outlined in their Notice of Noncompliance.
  • After May 1, continued noncompliance will result in the member’s name being
  • placed on a Petition (on or about June 1) to the Supreme Court for suspension.
  • Those members who comply after the petition is filed will incur an additional fee (Consent to Dismissal) of $250.00. If a member has previously been placed on a petition anytime within the preceding five year period, the Consent to Dismissal fee will be charged on a sliding scale from $350.00 to $1,250.00 depending on the number of times the member has been placed on petition.
  • The reinstatement fee has been increased to $500.00. The number of credits needed to reinstate has been increased to15 credits of which 6 must be in ethics.
  • See SCR 213(c).


The Supreme Court did not change the 3 basic requirements- $40.00 annual fee, the annual requirement of 10 general and 2 ethics credits and the due date of March 1 for the return of fees and/or signed compliance report.

For a complete list of the recent changes to the Supreme Court Rules 205 - 215, click here.

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