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Welcome to the official Continuing Legal Education website for the State of Nevada.

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Recent Updates


(affects CLE credit requirements for total credits and substance abuse credits)

Click Here to View ADKT 478 SCR Changes

Summary of changes to credit requirement and substance abuse credits

  • The annual credit requirement will change to thirteen (13) total credits, which includes two (2) hours of ethics and one (1) hour of substance abuse.
  • Attorneys may carry forward up to two (2) hours of excess substance abuse credits and apply the same to the their substance abuse requirement for the next two (2) calendar years.
  • Excess substance abuse credits cannot be applied toward an attorney's ethics requirement.


The Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education (CLE Board) is transitioning to a new business model which will shift the fees associated with continuing legal education seminars to providers (i.e., those who profit from putting on CLE seminars). The goal is to ultimately eliminate the $40.00 annual fee currently in place. In addition, the Nevada Board of CLE is transitioning to electronic, paperless communication, with a user friendly website already in place.

Below, please find the per course fee schedule for attorneys and providers.

Accredited Provider Non-Accredited Provider Individual Attorney Fee Exempt (Per Case Basis)
Cost $500 Per Year
$0 Application Fees
$25 Per Application $25 Per Application $0*
Per Credit Charge $5 Per Credit Per Attorney Paid by Provider $5 Per Credit Per Attorney Paid by Provider $5 Per Credit Paid by Attorney $0*
*Fee Exempt entities are determined by the CLE Board business plan and approved in ADKT 0499



View Supreme Court Rule Changes

Courtesy Notices are no longer mailed as credits can be checked online. Please check your credits to ensure you have fulfilled your yearly requirement.

REMINDER: Credits are due by December 31st of this year.

If you haven't completed your CLE credits by December 31, you can request an extension of time. Please put your request in writing, along with a $100 extension fee and send to our office. We will give you until February 15 to complete your requirement.

Board of Directors

Jenny D. Hubach, Chair
Frank C. Flaherty, Vice Chair
Richard I. Dreitzer
Megan C. Hoffman
Kathleen M. Paustian
Roberto Puentes, Jr.
The Honorable Lynne K. Simons


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